Nordstrom Men: Sneakers in Seattle with Thig Nat & Prometheus Brown


Excerpt from Nordstrom Men's blog feature "Sneakers in Seattle with Thig Nat & Prometheus Brown":

How did your pop-up restaurant project, Food and Sh*t, come about, Geo?
GEO: “Pretty organically at first, even going back to childhood. In our family, my pops is the cook. He taught me from very young how to cook basic, staple dishes, and my mom actually used to hustle food on the weekends, and I would go with her. The same with my wife, her aunt and uncle owned a bakery in the Philippines, and her mom was always baking stuff, so she picked that up. So we were always hosting dinners. Some of our friends do the same thing. We started doing a monthly thing with other people who had lived in Hawaii. We’re always about that home-cooking and trying each other’s dishes. Hawaiian food is like a blend of Filipino food, Japanese food, Korean food—and not in that corny ‘pan-Asian’ kind of way, but in a ‘home-cooked barbecues in the summertime’ kind of way.”

Check the full photoshoot and interview following myself and fellow Rappers W/ Cameras partner Thig Nat as we visit our favorite places around Seattle and talk music, food, photography & fashion.