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MAKIBAKA! A revolutionary dinner.

Here we go again, marching into a new year, witnesses to a fast-changing world, renewing our commitment to better our selves and communities. Food once again becomes a battleground - a chance to refine our eating habits to make sure we're nourished for the long run.  

As we pondered a menu of simple Filipino dishes imbued with this forward spirit, we looked toward the Philippines' long history of anti-colonial resistance. Revolutionaries gotta eat too. So, on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, in honor of all the women and men from past to present who have fought the colonizer, from the USA to the Philippines, we open 2015 with MAKIBAKA: A Revolutionary Dinner.

The menu is a tribute to the history of anti-colonial resistance in the Philippines. It is a prix-fixe five-course tasting menu including a main course and dessert. Each dish is drawn from historical records of revolutionary leaders’ favorite foods or directly influenced by stories of their resistance.

Lapu-Lapu Escabeche, a fried fish & calamansi sauce starter course in honor of the OG Colonizer Killa, Lapu-Lapu, who shares his name with the Filipino word for grouper. 

Tinola na Manok, the dish prepared by Tandang Sora as she housed and fed the Katipuneros. This variation is prepared with a dashi ginger broth.

Pinakbet ken Bagnet, two Ilocano dishes in one, inspired by the bolo-weilding Ilocana rebel commander Gabriela Silang. Sautéed eggplant, okra, green beans & squash in shrimp paste with thrice cooked pork belly.

Litsong Manok sa Zaha, Katipunan Supremo Andres Bonifacio’s favorite dish. Chicken roasted in banana leaves w/ chicken liver & lemongrass sauce.

A Soon-To-Be-Hood-Famous Pandan Cheesecake inspired by Jose Rizal, because he liked desserts and his combover was so sweet. Plus it’s the same color as the bridge in Seattle that is named after him.

This month also marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the founding of BAYAN-USA, a nationwide coalition of 18 Filipino American organizations in support of the national democratic movement in the Philippines. Team Food & Sh*t is fortunate to have many past and current members of BAYAN-USA organizations on our pop-up staff, as well as in the crowd, bringing the same fire and passion that fuels their organizing work into our dinners. 

Mao once said "revolution is not a dinner party," which is very true. But he never said a that a dinner party can't be revolutionary. So let's fight the power and eat.


Makibaka! is a prix-fixe pop-up dinner. Reservations and advance payment required. There will be two dinner services, from 500-700pm and 800-1000pm. All ages welcome, with bar & alcoholic drinks available for 21+. Seating limited to 45 per dinner. Please make reservations at the link below:

Earlier Event: November 17
Later Event: February 16