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Silogs All Day

Coinciding with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we’re launching a Filipino Breakfast pop-up event titled “Silogs ALL DAY” at Seattle’s Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine on Monday, January 20th.

We want to start off 2014 the same way we started off our mornings during our month-long trip to the Philippines: with the simple, hearty and versatile Filipino breakfast. From Manila to Davao to Baguio and back, the ever-present silog (meaning “with egg”) dish found its way into our stomachs, whether prepared at home, in a mountainside village or at one of the many eateries always within walking distance in any city. That combination of a marinated protein, sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (fried egg) is something we grew up with and always appreciated. But experiencing it in the context of a homeland trip in so many different settings has taken that appreciation to a new level. We might call it “breakfast” but it’s really a meal made for any time of day, perfect to set you off before an activity or restoring your energy after just finishing one.

This month’s menu features five “silog” dishes: Tapsilog (marinated beef), Longsilog (pork sausage), Tofusilog (tofu, duh) & two sizzling sisigs—chicken and bangus (milkfish). Additionally there will be three starters drawn both from home recipes and inspired by our recent trip. Our pork belly adobo sliders features homemade pan de sal from a family recipe used by a 74-year old baker in Gapan who has been baking since he was 14. The black rice champorado features heirloom rice grown and harvested by a farmer’s cooperative in Benguet. And ube pancakes because ube.

Unlike the previous pop-ups, which were dinner services, Silogs ALL DAY will run from 10am to 4pm. No reservations required. 



Black Rice Champorado - 2
Hot chocolate rice porridge w/ Benguet heirloom rice

Pork belly Adobo Pan de sal Slider - 3
Slow-cooked sliced pork belly in homemade pan de sal

Ube Pancakes - 5
Two ube-flavored buttermilk pancakes w/ nutella & coconut whipped cream


Includes Garlic Fried Rice, Fried Egg, tomatoes, onions & cucumber

Tapsilog - 9
Marinated pan-fried sliced Angus beef

Longsilog - 8
Vigan-style pork sausage

Chicken Sisigsilog - 8
Chopped roasted chicken w/ ginger, onion & calamansi on sizzling platter

Sizzling Bangsilog - 7
Flaked milkfish w/ ginger, onion & calamansi on sizzling platter

Tofusilog - 7
Grilled calamansi & soy-marinated tofu


Calamansi Mimosa
Fresh Canteloupe Juice

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