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Turkey & Sh*t



We, the Food & Sh*t collective, present our third pop-up restaurant event, titled “Turkey & Sh*t”, at Seattle’s Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine on Monday, November 18th.

Growing up in America as the children of Filipino immigrants, “Thanksgiving” was an ever-evolving gathering with multiple layers of history and culture. Like many other families, we would gather around a feast, but with our own dishes, and often with multiple families who would bring their own. Basically, a big ass pot-luck: lechon instead of turkey. All kinds of stews: kare kare, dinuguan, menudo, afritada. 

As time passed, the food on the table would reflect our gradual assimilation: overcooked turkeys (nice try, pops) side-by-side with pancit & lumpia, mashed potatoes next to a rice cooker, a cranberry sauce that came out of nowhere and doesn’t go well with anything Filipino. With each year, we’re faced with the decision of which traditions to keep, and which ones, sadly, begin to fade away. It is a struggle we wage on one of this contradiction’s biggest battlegrounds: the kitchen.

Then, we grew up to learn the truth about Thanksgiving. About ten years ago, before the actual Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we began an annual tradition of gathering with like-minded people: organizers and artists and friends from all backgrounds, to throw a “Thingstaken” dinner party—-a feast celebrating the indigenous heritage and struggle many of us come from. It was also a statement challenging the American Thanksgiving narrative which sugarcoats the genocide of and the taking of land and resources from indigenous people. Then, and now.

This month’s menu will combine traditional “American” fall holiday food ingredients with Filipino style preparation and cooking, reflecting our upbringing as first- and second-generation Filipino Americans. It is an experiment in synthesizing traditions on our own terms rather than the terms set for us. We can never go back to what it used to be, but we can move in a direction that says yes, we are thankful for what we have, but we will also never forget what has been taken from us.

Dinner will be served at 6pm & 8pm. $25/person. 

$5 from every paid meal will go directly to Philippine Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan relief.

Seating limited to 90 (45 per dinner). Please reserve your seat at

For full menu go to

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